* Definitions apply to A.A. meetings and are provided by the Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland District Office Meeting Schedule, Page 1. NOTE: The 12 Step Recovery Club is not affiliated with any of the organizations that meet at the Club.  Each group is an autonomous group  representing the 12 step organization that they are affiliated with.  The 12 Step Recovery Club rents space to these autonomous groups to  hold their meetings and has no input on the content, program or restrictions to the meetings.
RESTRICTIONS CLOSED* - A “CLOSED” meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is a  meeting to be attended by ALCOHOLICS ONLY.  This may include  troubled persons who are attempting to determine if they have a  drinking problem and if they should become members of the  fellowship. OPEN* - An “OPEN” meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous literally means  open to any person who wishes to attend.  We are accustomed to  seeing non-alcoholic spouses of A.A. members and other close  relatives and friends at these meetings.  However, other interested  persons such as social workers, clergymen, physicians, jurists,  students, journalists, etc., have been known to attend open meetings  and this is permissible by definition. LIMITED* - A “LIMITED” meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous would be  attended by alcoholics who may bring members of their immediate  family ONLY., such as their spouses, their sons and daughter. **DO NOT SIGN ATTENDANCE OR “COURT” SLIPS - The members  of these meetings have decided that they will not sign attendance  slips of any kind.  This is a decision of the autonomous 12 step group  and The Twelve Step Club has no involvement with this decision.  MEN’S - Men Only MIXED - Men and Women
MEETING GROUP A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous C.A. - Cocaine Anonymous D.A. - Drugs Anonymous (Drugs and/or Alcohol) MEETING FORMAT 12 & 12 DISCUSSION - A group that reads a passage from the 12 Steps  and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and then discusses that  reading. ASK-IT-BASKET - A discussion group that talks about an issue randomly  drawn from a “basket” of pre-submitted topics. BIG BOOK DISCUSSION - A group that reads a passage from the Big  Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and then discusses that reading. TOPIC DISCUSSION - A group that discusses topics presented by the  groups chairman related to A.A., C.A. or D.A. as appropriate for the  meeting. LEAD - A group that features one member of the fellowship sharing their  life story and how the program has changed their life.  LITERATURE DISCUSSION - A group that reads a passage from a select  Alcoholics Anonymous piece of literature and then discusses that reading.
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Definition of Meeting Types and their Restrictions 
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