Day Time Meeting Meeting Restrictions Meeting Format Group Sunday 11:00 AM AA Closed Mixed 12 & 12  Study 8:00 PM AA Open Mixed Lead Monday 6:00 PM AA Closed Women’s Topic Discussion 8:00 PM AA Closed Men’s Lead Tuesday 12:30 PM Study Open Mixed Sermon on the Mount 9:00 PM AA Closed Men’s** Ask-It-Basket Wednesday 10:00 AM AA Open Mixed Lead 8:00 PM AA Limited Mixed Lead Thursday 8:00 PM AA Open Mixed Big Book Discussion Friday 12:15 PM AA Open Mixed Literature Discussion 8:00 PM AA Closed Mixed** Topic Discussion Saturday 10:00 AM AA Closed Mixed 12 & 12 Discussion Noon DA Open Mixed Discussion
Meeting Schedule
Meetings denoted by  **  DO NOT sign attendance or “Court” slips All meetings at The Club ARE NON-SMOKING
A.A. Area 54 GSR meets at the Club in the afternoon of the third Sunday of each Month.
NOTE: The 12 Step Club is not affiliated with any of the organizations that meet at the Club.  Each group is an autonomous group representing the 12 step organization that they are affiliated with.  The 12 Step Recovery Club rents space to these autonomous groups to hold their meetings and has no input on the content, program or restrictions to the meetings.
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