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Rules of the 12 Step Club
copyright 2012 by The Twelve Step Recovery Club
In order to make everyone’s visit to the Twelve Step Recovery Club an enjoyable, comfortable and constructive experience, the Board of Trustees has established the following policies.  All patrons of The Club, guests and members of the groups using the Club are required to respect and follow these policies. 1. Absolutely NO alcohol or illegal drugs are to be brought into the Club or on Club property.  The Club is a no smoking facility.  2. NO firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind are to be brought into the Club.  3. Animals, except legitimate service animals, are prohibited from entering the Club at all times.  4. Fighting, either physically or verbally is prohibited.  Excessive foul or abusive language is prohibited.  5. The groups that use this facility are responsible for the actions of their members and guests from 1/2 hour before the  scheduled start of their meeting until 1/2 hour after the end of their meeting.  A group member should be available for this  period to supervise the group.  6. The groups that use this facility are responsible for returning all chairs and tables to their correct position so the room  is ready for the next meeting.  All cups and trash must be disposed of.  Please leave The Club cleaner than you found it.  7. All persons who use this facility are expected to clean up after themselves.  The counter person is a volunteer and should  not be expected to attend to another person’s mess.  The counter person will decide what is watched on the television.  8. All persons playing Darts or Shooting Pool must be 15 years old or older.  9. NO ONE is permitted behind the counter except the counter person on duty and any Officer or Trustee of the Club.  10. The Club will not interfere or intervene in any actions of the group members or guests unless it is a violation of these  policies.  The Club respects the autonomy of the groups, their rules and traditions.  11. All patrons and guests of the Club must park in marked spaces in the upper or lower parking lot.  Parking in the lower  Club entrance drive is reserved for the counter person on duty and persons making deliveries.  12. Destruction of or intentional damage of Club property or the property of any other person is prohibited.   The Officers and Trustees of the Club expect the groups using this facility to support and enforce these policies.  Any person who fails to abide by these policies may be asked to leave.  Any group that fails to support and enforce these policies may be asked to find another location.   Any action taken for the violation of these policies is at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees on a case-by-case basis. Home About Us Events Donations Meeting Schedule Club Hours Club Rules Our Location Club Rental Contact Us Links Printable Page Club Rules