NOTE: The Officers and Trustees of the Twelve Step Recovery Club reserve the right to refuse use of the  facility for any group, gathering or event deemed not in the best interest of The Twelve Step Recovery Club, for  any reason.  Final decision rests with the Officers of the Twelve Step Recovery Club. 
The Twelve Step Recovery Club Hall is available for personal events, business meetings and private gatherings  including weddings, birthday parties, sales meetings and family gatherings.  The facility is large enough for  approximately 125 people and is handicapped accessible. The following rates apply for normal gatherings.  Rates will  be negotiated for all day events (afternoon through evening, longer/later hours), multiple day events and events that  involve dislocation of any scheduled 12 Step group meeting.  The facility is available every afternoon and Saturday  evenings. 
Afternoon Rental from approximately 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM $ 75.00 Evening Rental from approximately 6:00 PM until Midnight $ 100.00
Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks may be purchased at regular counter prices.  An authorized club volunteer must be on premises during all events. NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, WEAPONS of any type or unlicensed GAMBLING are permitted on the club premises at any time and for any  and ALL events.  Ohio law requires that the facility is a no smoking facility at all times.  The tax exempt status of The Twelve step  Recovery Club cannot be used by any organization or group other than the Twelve Step Recovery Club to gain a gambling license or  permit.    Persons or groups renting the facility must keep the fire lane clear at all times during the event. Persons or Groups renting the facility must supply all plates, cups and utensils.  Use of the kitchen is included in the rental.  Removal of the room divider requires prior arrangements but is no additional charge.  The room divider cannot be erected in any other location in the Club. Rental is on a first come, first served basis and scheduled 12 step group meetings have priority.  A reasonable set-up and clean-up  time is allowed outside of the stated rental hours.  Renting parties must clean and return the facility to the proper order after the event. 
1480 Pearl Road Brunswick, Ohio 330-273-7216 Twelve Step Recovery Club
Club Hall Rental
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