NOTE: The Officers and Trustees of the Twelve Step Recovery Club reserve the right to refuse use of the facility for any group, gathering or event deemed not in the best interest of The Twelve Step Recovery Club, for any reason.  Final decision rests with the Officers of the Twelve Step Recovery Club.
Rental for 12 Step Groups
The Twelve Step Recovery Club is dedicated to providing a meeting place for 12 Step Groups, specifically those groups whose purpose is  the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  The Club strives to provide suitable facilities for 12 Step group meetings at a very reasonable  and fair rate.  Rental of the facility for 12 Step meetings is for exclusive use of the facility from 1/2 hour before the meeting until 1/2 hour after  the meeting ends. No other events will be conducted at the Club during this time.  At the request of the group Secretary or Treasurer, The  Club will prepare and provide coffee service during the meeting times and charge the group accordingly.  The Club, at the option of the  Trustees, may also accept other community service groups at the same rate that the 12 Step Groups are charged.   
Rates for 12 Step Group Meetings: Rent: $0.50 per attendee or guest of the meeting. Coffee: $1.50 per 10 cup pot of REGULAR Coffee (or equivalent in percolator) $2:00 per 10 cup pot of DE-CAFE Coffee (or equivalent in percolator)
An authorized club volunteer must be on premises during all meetings.  The counter will be CLOSED during the meeting lead or discussion.  At the option of the group, the counter may be opened during comments. It is required that all groups meeting at The Club enforce the posted RULES OF THE TWELVE STEP CLUB. All groups meeting at The Club must be authorized by the Trustees.  Rental is on a first come, first served basis. NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, or WEAPONS of any type are permitted on the club premises at any time and for any and ALL meetings.  Ohio law requires that the facility is a no smoking facility at all times.  Groups renting the facility must keep the fire lane clear at all times during the event. Groups must have a group home member at The Club from at least 1/2 hour before the start of the meeting until at least 1/2 hour after the meeting ends.  The counter person is generally not expected to be a group home member.  The counter person IS NOT A BABYSITTER. Group coffee will be available no sooner than 1 hour before the meeting starts and no later than 1 hour after the meeting ends.  If meetings are scheduled 2 hours apart, the first meeting must have vacated the Club no less than ½ hour prior to the start of the second meeting.  The meetings shall respect each others time.
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